Wave 30


30″ Street Light Pole Banner Bracket Hardware

  • Each kit ships with 2 Mounts, 2 Poles, 6 Bands, and 2 Pins
  • Fits fluted and antique light poles
  • Fiberglass arms for extended flexibility
  • Able to bolt to walls and poles in leiu of banding
  • Corrosion resistant aluminum casting


Wave 30 Boulevard Brackets provide a lightweight alternative to heavier materials often used when it comes to banner signage. The fiberglass arm then has flexibility to change signage as-needed. In addition, with its aluminum base, fiberglass pole brackets can accommodate banners by stainless steel banding straps. What’s more, even though they are light in weight, they are durable and long-lasting, making them a very smart buy when considering signage for pole banners, if banners need to be changed frequently.

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