Economy Double Sided Snap in Wind Sign with Water Base
Viewable Graphic Size: 23″ x 33″
Printed Graphic Size: 25″ x 35″

  • Great for windy outdoor conditions
  • Weather resistant
  • Graphics held in with snap frame design
  • Base can be filled with water for stability
  • Carrying case included


Rain or shine, the Surge water base snap frame effectively delivers your message to the public. Whether you’re advertising a new sale or a chef’s special, your artwork shows up in stunning clarity and brilliance to snag the attention of pedestrians and motorists alike. The Surge is designed to preserve your graphic and is outfitted with a weather-resistant screen to protect your print from moisture, debris and prolonged exposure to the sun. Fill the base with water (about 64 lbs or 7.7 gallons) for extra support.


While the Surge is designed primarily for use outdoors, they are not intended for use during inclement weather, including heavy rain, snow and high wind conditions. These outdoor signs are not “seal-tight” and therefore water can seep in under the window, potentially affecting signage in the frame. We always recommend bringing these outdoor business signs inside during such conditions, as well as overnight.