1″ x 1″ LED Sign Standoff

SKU: L25254SS
  • Count per Box: 8 pieces
  • Cap Height: 1/4″
  • Hole Clearance: 7/16″
  • Max Panel Thickness: 3/8″
  • Material: Aluminium

Price reflects set of four (4).



LED Sign Standoffs come in one size and a satin finish ,a great way to make illuminated signs available in two piece and four piece. ( sold in pack 4 prices shown per each standoff). Available in Red, Green, Blue and White lights.

The installation process is very easy! First utilize your surface to mark the holes. Next you will want to drill a hole and insert your anchors. Take your standoff, remove the cap, insert a screw inside the barrel and screw it into the anchor Now all you need to do is line up your material with the standoffs and screw the heads in to the barrel, and VOILA!, you have beautiful standoffs on your wall!