SKU: AFD22437S

Premium Double Sided Outdoor A Frame
Viewable Graphic Size: 23.39” w x 33.11” h
Printed Graphic Size: 23.75” w x 33.25” h

  • Holds the sign substrate up to .030 inch thick
  • Easy open snap rails
  • Use as single or double sided stand


Every shop owner and exhibitor wants an outdoor display that is not only easy to use but durable enough to withstand the abuse of Mother Nature. We’ve designed the Calm with individuals like you in mind. The frame is made of aluminum to weather challenging outdoor conditions. It also is very lightweight, making it easy to handle even on a daily basis.

Please Note:

While the Calm is designed primarily for use outdoors, they are not intended for use during inclement weather, including heavy rain, snow and high wind conditions. These outdoor signs are not “seal-tight” and therefore water can seep in under the window, potentially affecting signage in the frame. We always recommend bringing these outdoor business signs inside during such conditions, as well as overnight.