Giant Outdoor Flying Banner
Graphic Size: 43.3″ x 120 ~ 158″
Printed Size: 43.3″ x 120 ~ 158″

  • Heavy duty acrylic and aluminum
  • Water fillable base for added stability
  • Long term use
  • Carrying case included


Make your event noticeable from a distance. The Cumulus flagpole is ideal for outdoor events, conference, sport events, etc. The telescopic aluminum flagpole fits into a plastic base that is filled with water for stability. The flag is held with rings. Cumulus flagpoles are easy to handle and install. Lightweight and easy to transport and assemble, the Cumulus is a unique, high quality indoor and outdoor solution that will get your message noticed even in a large crowd. Available in several configurations, this street banner display towers over 17ft above the ground on a telescopic pole that rotates with the wind. Top banner arms keep your flags perfectly presented and viewable with or without wind, making the Cumulus is ideal to fit any application.


While the Alto is designed primarily for use outdoors, they are not intended for use during inclement weather, including heavy rain, snow and high wind conditions. We always recommend bringing these outdoor business signs inside during such conditions, as well as overnight.