48″ Hanging Poster Rail Kit

SKU: HPR48 Kit

48″ Hanging Poster Rail System

  • Features aluminum hanging rails
  • Snaps open and shut with springs
  • Comes with adjustable hanging clips

Add a Ceiling Mount and Cable for a Stylish Display Kit


These banner hangers display a 48″ graphic from the ceiling. This is especially effective when placed within a storefront window. These aluminum banner hangers have a hinged, snap-open design for effortless setup. To insert a new poster, simply flip open the hinged rail and slide the new artwork within the clamp. Snap the rail shut to hold the graphic in place. These banner hangers are made up of 2 separate rails. The top clamp holds a banner and has 2 eyelet clips for attaching a chain or nylon wire (not included) from the ceiling. The second rail attaches to the bottom of a user’s banner, therefore weighing the graphic down and prevent wrinkles and folds. The bottom rail helps keep the displayed poster flat while on display. These banner hangers allow users to present advertisements within a window, without attaching anything to the glass itself. The ceiling-hung rails also prevent damage to the actual graphic as well.

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