Acceptable File Types

  • .PDF | Always the preferred format, especially If you are using any software, other than listed below, to create your layout
  • .PSD | Version Creative Suite 5 (CS5) or earlier (also acceptable is: .eps, or .tif)
  • .AI | Packaged and Exported with all links and fonts. Version Creative Suite 5 (CS5) or earlier (also acceptable is: .eps)
  • .INDD or .IDML | Packaged and Exported with all links and fonts

File Preparation

  • All graphic files must be built at 150 dpi at the final graphic print size.
  • All graphic files must be created using CMYK mode to ensure the best color matching. If you would like a specific color matched, you MUST provide a PMS color or we cannot guarantee color matching.
  • It is best to flatten all images and outline all text to ensure that nothing will drop out or change during file transfer.
  • If doing a multi-panel backdrop, please use InDesign with facing pages turned. Each panel should be the exact size (e.g. Using 3 London 33.5′s (RU1332S) as a backdrop? In InDesign you want a 3 page file where the page size is 33.5″ x 84.7″ and “Use Facing Pages” box selected.)
  • Do not include any bleeds in your layout.
  • If all else fails… Follow our templates.


  • What is Pantone? | Pantone is the standard language for color identification and communication
  • What is CMYK? | CMYK refers to four color process printing, using Cyan (C), Magenta (M), Yellow (Y), and Black (K) inks.
  • What color pallet does 3DA Display use? | Solid Coated or Solid Uncoated, depending on the media used.
  • What color process does 3DA Display print in? | CMYK
  • What DPI (Dots per Inch) does 3DA Display print at? | 150 at full size
  • What resolution do my photos need to be? | 200 DPI at full size
  • Can you achieve metallic or neon colors? | Unfortunately, we are not able to offer metallic or neon colors outside of our standard color pallets.
  • What is PMS Test Grid and how much does it cost? | A test grid is a sample print of your PMS Color and its surrounding color family. The first test is free of charge, however you are responsible for shipping. PMS Color Matching is finalized at time of print and is a $25.00 fee to accurately match.
  • Can 3DA Display print specific PMS Colors? | While we cannot guarantee an exact PMS Color Match, we will print your color as close as possible.
  • Should I convert my art to CMYK instead of leaving PMS in the color file? | If you are looking to achieve a specific PMS Color, we ask that you keep it in the art file.